Product Selection Guide

Step 1: Measure gift and select suitable wrap size

Selecting the right size wrap is important when wrapping gifts. If the wrap is too small you will most likely have issues covering the gift completely. On the other hand, a wrap that is too large will have lots of fabric overhang. 

The best way to select the correct size wrap is to measure the size of the gift and choose a wrap that is approximately 3x the size of the gift when looking at the diagonal measurement of the wrap.

Please see our guide below for some generic gifts that are ideal for each size wrap. Note that this is a guide only and some gifts may require a larger or smaller sized wrap depending on the gift dimensions. 

Frame 2

55 x 55cm

Ideal for wrapping smaller gifts such as:

  • Books
  • Bento box
  • Mobile phones
Small 1

75 x 75cm

Ideal for wrapping medium gifts such as:

  • Wine bottles
  • Clothing
  • Boxes of chocolate

105 x 105cm

Ideal for wrapping larger gifts such as:

  • Magnetic tiles
  • Puzzles
  • Board games

Step 2: Select wrap style

Our furoshiki wraps are available as single sided or double sided styles. 

Single sided wrap: Our single sided furoshiki wraps feature a unique design on one side of the wrap only. We recommend the single sided wraps where a more economical option is sought after or where you would like to gift the furoshiki wrap along with the present you are wrapping. 

Double sided wrap: Our double sided furoshiki wraps feature a unique design on one side and a complementary solid colour on the reverse side. Not only do they differ in appearance, the double sided wraps are constructed by combining two wraps together to offer double the strength and durability when compared to the single sided option. We recommend the double sided wraps where you would like more flexibility in what print is displayed or where the gift may be fragile and requires extra protection from damage. 

Step 3: Select wrap design

When selecting the wrap designs that we make available we try to choose designs that are either gender neutral or that can be used for multiple occasions so that you can get the most use out of your wraps. From time to time we may choose to feature some traditional Japanese designs or event specific designs so be sure to follow us for any product updates!

Head to our product store to view some the designs that we currently have in stock. Please note that not all prints are available in both a single sided or double sided options. If you have any feedback on our designs or would like to make a design recommendation please feel free to contact us. 

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