About Us & Practising Waste-Free Living

Premium quality fabric gift wraps paving the way towards waste-free living

Founded in 2021, Infinite Wrappery was born out of a desire to provide a more sustainable alternative to wrapping gifts. The women-led owner actively practising steps towards waste-free living through the use of cloth nappies and wipes for her two children, using cloth pads, switching from single use to reusable products and investing in high quality wooden toys that can be passed on. Globally, millions upon millions of tonnes of waste is created by the use of wrapping paper alone. The Infinite Wrappery Movement is committed to the mission of reducing the environmental impact caused  by wrapping consumables over the giving season and beyond.

waste-free living

Ethically made, versatile & reusable

Infinite Wrappery fabric gift wraps are ethically made in India and are composed of GOTS certified organic cotton. Although designed for wrapping, the organic cotton wraps are versatile and can provide timeless beauty in all areas of your home. Derived from the adjective “infinite”, fabric gift wraps can provide an infinite number of applications and can be re-used time and time again.  

Inspired by traditional Furoshiki

Furoshiki is the term used when referring to traditional Japanese wrapping. Furoshiki is conventionally a square piece of fabric that is used for wrapping gifts, carrying items or as home decor. The art of furoshiki wrapping provides a multitude of uses for fabric gift wraps by simply folding and tying the cloth in many different ways. 

Our Collection

The Infinite Wrappery range consists of single sided and double sided organic cotton wraps which are available in three sizes; 55x55cm, 75x75cm and 105x105cm. All the fabric gift wraps are packaged using recycled paper envelopes which can either be recycled once opened or used as a place to store your wraps when not being used. Each wrap also comes with a “return me” card if you wish to request that your wrap is returned to you after gifting

So what are you waiting for? Join the Infinite Wrappery Movement today and make another step towards waste-free living!

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